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Success for Newhouse in fulfilling its mission is evident in the lives of women who achieve their goals and become self-sufficient. Choose a name of a woman who has sough and acheived success and read her story.

When Lakish came to Newhouse, she found therapy and words that would help change her life. Watching her mother being beaten and seeing her brothers and sisters getting themselves in unhealthy situations, she had been determined to have a diffe...
I don’t know what it was that made him release his grip around my neck. Maybe it was the look of fear in my eyes; though that had never stopped him before from carrying out his torture. The whole time he was choking me I just kept thinking, &...
I am a woman of multiple abusive relationships. It wasn`t until this last one that I realized something was very wrong with my living arrangement. My sister witnessed enough and gave me a number to call for help. Unsure of how the process work...
I am from Sudan. I came to this country in 1995 and became a US Citizen in 2001. In my country, marriages are arranged by the family. My uncle arranged my marriage to a man who started abusing me only one month after our wedding in 2003. He would h...
For the first time in her life, 27-year-old Monique has goals and definite plans on how to achieve them.  Eleven months ago she and her 5-year-old daughter, Daria, boarded a bus in Texas and began the journey back to Kansas City.  Monique...
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