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President & CEO, Vicki Kraft, interviewed by 41 Action News
October is Domestic Violence Month and a time to raise awareness for abuse and where survivors can find shelter and healing from the trauma. View video online.

Action News 41: #DVAMturns30
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Vicki Kraft, President/CEO and Sandy Batesel, owner Cryo Clinic, work to raise awareness and promote the upcoming gala, House Party 2017: Dreaming of a Bright Future with celebrity guest speaker, Robin Givens. View video online.


October 2018 Newsletter
ore than half of female homicide victims were killed in connection to intimate partner violence — “What’s notable is that this is across all racial ethnic groups,” says Emiko Petrosky, a science officer at the CDC. “Intimate partner violence can affect anyone … it really just shows that [this] is a public health problem.”
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September 2018 Newsletter
Attending to the needs of the youngest victims of domestic abuse is crucial in helping kids heal from trauma and develop their own life skills. Newhouse has made this is a priority, specifically, because it is home to a Kansas City, Missouri Certified Public School for K-6th grade. By allowing parents to send their kids to school in-house, those students encounter a stable learning environment. How does Erin Wilson, Education Manager & School Teacher (pictured above on right), educate kids who are in her school temporarily?
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Summer 2018 Newsletter
After 20 years of service, Bridgette Mavec, EVP of Clinical Services, noticed that residents and clients were suffering with long-term issues. Staff struggled with a timely treatment plan while individuals were in their care. She recalled reading about a treatment used largely in mental health centers, “Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,” or DBT. Reports claimed that it worked quickly and was successful in some hard-to-treat mental health disorders. Additionally, it promoted normalization in dysregulated individuals, providing a solution that teaches survivors to respond to difficult situations instead of reacting in an emotional way.
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Spring 2018 Newsletter
50 hotline calls from individuals whose lives are at risk. That’s what an 8 hour shift for an Advocate at Newhouse can look like. For the callers on the other end of the line, Newhouse’s Advocates Kaitlin, Raeonna (Rae) and Austen offer a bridge to a better life.

Newhouse provides a 24-hour hotline and domestic violence shelter 365 days a year. Hired staff and volunteers, called Advocates, are trained to aid individuals and families who need shelter. When these survivors arrive at Newhouse, Advocates provide comfort and care to traumatized people who often leave home with no personal belongings.
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