Leadership & Staff

Courtney Thomas

President / CEO

Bridgette Mavec

EVP Clinical Services
Christy Wineland

Christy Wineland

Grant Manager
Rochelle Stringer

Rochelle Stringer

Newhouse Board Chair

Newhouse employs full and part-time staff. The organization’s structure includes executive leadership, administrative support, therapists, counselors, school teacher, advocates, and kitchen staff. The team is exceptional in skill, talent, and compassion. Everyone is committed and dedicated to helping survivors of abuse break the cycle of domestic violence and live self-sufficient lives.

Want to join the Newhouse team? All open positions are posted on our indeed page.

Additional Administrative Staff:

Cicelynn Elix, Community Engagement Manager
Chris Stibbs, Events & Donor Manager
Jim Alvey, Facilities Manager
Makenzie Ruder, Quality Analyst
Brianna Bradley, Office Coordinator

Vicki Clayman, Partners N Promotion, Inc.
Nadia Cruth, RPS Benefits by Design
Sally Ellis Fletcher, PhD – Registered Nurse
Christine Franco, Chinquapin Trust Co.
Patrick Frickleton, Camp Bow Wow
Joly Herman, Solo Parent Magazine
Mindee Holmes, Dissinger Reed, LLC
Traci Johnson, Physician
Krista Klaus, Garmin International
Matthew Moderson, Stinson Leonard Street
Duvel “DJ” Pierre, Spencer Fane
Paul Savastano, Technology Management
Rochelle Stringer, Huhtamaki, Inc.
Debbie Swearingen, CommunityAmerica
John Sullivan, Community Volunteer
Karen Torline, Torline Law