Our Services

SAVING LIVES: Emergency Shelter & Children’s Services

Emergency Shelter
Services include safe shelter for individuals and families, meals, clothing, and personal hygiene items.

Children’s Services
Upon arrival, basic needs are met. Advocates work with Kansas City School District to enroll school-age youth in our onsite K-6 school (or transport to current school) and enroll infant to age 4 in onsite childcare. The children’s services allow the mothers to attend therapy groups, classes, and pursue individual goals toward self-sufficiency.

BREAKING THE CYCLE: Mental Health Services (Women & Children)

Without timely intervention – the cycle of domestic violence will continue to inflict havoc upon families, generation after generation. The Breaking the Cycle initiative consists of women’s and children’s therapy, parenting education, life and empowerment skills classes, comprehensive case management, and children’s programming. Our therapeutic environment is designed to address the emotional, practical, and social needs of women & children in our shelter, and ultimately a violence-free life.

Women`s Therapy
Mental health services available to women at Newhouse include assessments, referrals, victim-batterer intervention, individual/group therapy, substance abuse and mental health counseling, and parenting groups. Newhouse clients are offered weekly individual and group therapy from a licensed mental health therapist to address depression, PTSD, the cycle of violence, family issues of abuse, and red flags of abusive behavior. Women from domestic violence situations may experience high levels of depression and PTSD after leaving their abuser, affecting their ability to parent. An outreach therapist also serves survivors in the community.

Outreach Therapy
The outreach program is a vital component of our therapeutic services, especially for those who still live with their abusers. Even those who have managed to leave the relationship can still benefit from counseling, support and advocacy services. Post-shelter follow-up services can enhance the probability of a victim`s successful transition to a violence-free lifestyle. To schedule a consultation, contact our Outreach Therapist at (816) 474-6446 ext. 257

Children`s Mental Health Services
Children are affected in devastating ways when they are victims of and/or witness domestic abuse. Early intervention services are crucial to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and their healing. A licensed mental health therapist conducts assessment on children, ages 4-17, providing timely mental health dialogue, assisting them in developing a safety plan, and promoting their healing through group, family, play/art, and individual therapy.

CREATING SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Case Management & Transitional/Permanent Housing

Case Management
Strengths-based case management services empower women to set goals and create a life independent of abusive relationships. Together with case managers, the women assess their needs, set goals, and access community resources. Individualized case management plans are a touchstone for a woman rebuilding her life. Professional staff encourage the women to participate in life/job/financial empowerment classes, GED preparation, and computer training.

Transitional Living
At Newhouse, length of stay is dictated by a woman`s progress toward self-sufficiency. A woman who must obtain a visa or become fluent in English journeys longer toward independence than someone with fewer barriers. Transitional and permanent community housing allows women access to supportive services—counseling, child care, and case management—while working toward autonomy.

OTHER PROGRAMS: Court Advocacy, Education, & Community Awareness

Court Advocacy
Court advocacy services are available both to women in shelter at Newhouse and to those in the community who are victims of domestic violence. Our court advocate assists clients by providing information necessary to navigate the legal process and provide support in Municipal Domestic Violence Court.

Newhouse provides youth with their own K-6 classroom curriculum onsite in a differentiated instructional environment through partnership with Kansas City School District. GED classes emerged in 2014 to provide a 9-12 grade equivalent for teens and adults. A computer lab serves all ages. Financial management and job/life skills classes assist the women to prepare for employment.

Community Awareness
Community outreach and education is advocacy on behalf of domestic violence victims – whether in shelter or the community. The goal of this service is to create an awareness of domestic violence and educate the public about the cycle of domestic violence as well as the barriers facing those in an abusive situation.